Bachir Moukarzel, born and raised in Lebanon, moved to Dubai in 2002 where he finished his studies at the “American University in Dubai”.
Bachir has been working at Rotana hotels Dubai for the past 10 years as a Director of finance 
Bachir started his journey in aerial photography in 2014, he took pictures in Dubai, documenting all the urban places which were a desert when he first moved to UAE .
His picture, “Concrete Jungle” won an award in Dronestagram and national geographic in 2017.
“Whale Sharks” ,another picture taken in the Philippines, won an award in Sienna, Italy in 2018.
 Last but not least, his picture “Nomads” also won an award in Sienna in 2019.
Bachir got featured in many books around the world, such as “masters of drone photography” and “eyes of the world”.
Bachir was interviewed by many middle eastern magazines and news-papers. He also got interviewed on Dubai TV and Al Arabiya. 
His last project “The lockdown-Dubai” went viral on social media and got featured on CNN, Al Arabiya, BBC, and many other worldwide TV stations .
He is a certified commercial drone pilot and PolarPro brand ambassador.
"The world looks different from above, and that's what's special about it."

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